MADHAUS' state of the art multi facility sound recording studios deliver award winning A-list audio post production, sound design and soundtrack supervision for TV, cinema & radio advertising, feature films, TV programmes, documantaries, Interactive immersive 3D VR and gaming.

Our award winning, highly skilled and experienced sound editors offer in-depth expertise in all aspects of sound recording, editing and mixing from mono, stereo, Dolby Digital™ 5.1 / 7.1 , Dolby Atmos™, Dolby E™, DTSx™ and Auro 3D Max™ for all broadcast media formats.


MADHAUS operates a full feature film Dolby Digital acredited mixing stage from it's flagship suite boasting an Avid ICON film mixing console.

There are three 5.1 editorial and TV mix studios in the facility along with three stereo editorial / mix rooms, for seamless tracking and sound editing session preperation for the Dolby Digital Atmos mixing stage. We also master DTSx, Auro 3D Max and interactive 3D audio formats for gaming and VR solutions.



MADHAUS MUSIC launches a roster of local in-house music producers working behind the scenes with the likes of Khuli Chana, Ricki Rick and Casper Nyovest. Specialising in up-to-date street, urban and vernacular Hip Hop, Trap and Ghetto Pop - All the music that you just can't find on any stock library!

Watch out for, and subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter showcasing all the tracks ready for licensing.

MADHAUS MUSIC also boasts one of South Africa's most awarded and prolific music composer, producer's, ... ever. Alun Richards, operating under the banner of Cut & Paste Generation (One of MADHAUS' sister companies) has, since the early 1990's, composed in excess of 8000 local and international TV commercials, along with multiple feature films, documentaries and TV series. He has personally been awarded multiple Loeries Craft & Grand Prix, Cannes Lions, LIAA, Clio, Vuka, The One Show, DnAD, SAFTA, Promax and SAMA awards.

Add to this, MADHAUS MUSIC's exclusive access to the extensive Cut & Paste Generation production music library archives, along with our representation of several high profile international and local music libraries, including an exclusive Audio Network license, and we have the answer to any musical muddle you may find yourself in.

We also offer commercial music search and rights clearence services, so, if you need a track found and cleared, give us the territory and terms, and we will negotiate on your behalf.


MADHAUS offers two full size ADR and Foley stages, linked to three separate control rooms along with six VO isolation-booths that can comfortably accomodate two persons each. We are equipped for remote studio link-up with all local and international studios via Source Connect® and ISDN. Audio and visual streamers and cueing facilities are also provided and support all time codes and video formats. We offer a comprehensive range of rifle boom and lavalier microphones including but not limited to Sennheiser MKH 416, Sanken Cos11D and a 5.1 Holophone. 

We also offer pre-session cue set-up and spotting services.

ADR / Foley Stage 1 dimensions:     8m (L) x 6m (W) x 3.2m (H)    -    26ft (L) x 19ft (W) x 10.4ft (H)

ADR / Foley Stage 2 dimensions:     5m (L) x 3m (W) x 2.8m (H)    -   16.4ft (L) x 10ft (W) x 9.1ft (H)


MADHAUS offers both in-house Foley artists and facilities and works closely with associated freelance Foley artists. Custom Foley floors are installed in both large recording stages and we utilise the latest digital technology to synchronize and process our originally created Foley sounds along with manipulating our massively comprehensive exclusive networked sound effects library for best results.


Award winning sound design and sound editing by our in-house  team of creative sound artists. We create sound beds and specific 'imagined' sounds from our originally recorded scource audio, networked sound effects library and digitally synthesised, sampled, manupulated and mangled multitude of virtual instruments and samplers. We work in tandem with our music score composers for a truely cohesive, uncluttered, sonically distinctive and totally believable, larger than life , soundtrack.

If you can inagine it, we can create a sound for it!


Our studios are equipped to record audio to or from any Source Connect™ compatable studio in the world. We also offer ISDN APT-X / Enhanced APT-X as well as MPEG Layer 2/3 codecs such as AudioTX, Telos & CDQ.  We can also patch any telephone call (analogue or mobile) or Skype into any studio for both recording and/or monitoring purposes. Please contact us should you require any assistance in setting up a long distance and/or remote recording sessions. We can recomend, cost and schedule sessions with our network of accoiated studios located worldwide.


MADHAUS is at the forefront on interactive and responsive 3D immersive sound for gaming and VR applications and is one of the first stdios in Africa offering a complete end to end service. We follow traditional established practices in creating our original sound content, from designed sound effects to original music scores. We then mix and monitor, in realtime, in a fully immersive 3D space. Sound elements are then encoded and delivered to the visual content developers, already coded for easy inclusion in the final VR / Game / interactive application.

We work hand in hand with interactive visual development partners and offer both VR SOUND solutions.


A commercial tag line, natural every day 'Joe / Sipho', or the lead character in your animated film, we'll find the right voice. Just get hold of our production department and we'll do the rest.

Language supervision and translation services are provided in English, several foreign languages including French, Portuguese and all African local vernacular.

Voicebank, S.A.'s leading Voice Over and narration database is operated exclusively by MADHAUS MEDIA. - Some great new functionality coming soon!


We operate a Sondor film sound follower offering synchronus playback and digitising of film sound prints for 35mm, 16mm and 8mm, Dolby Digital, Optical and magnetic tracks. Audio restoration and noise reduction can then be applied to the digitised source sound.


We offer state of the art digital noise reduction and sound restoration services to both the traditional film and TV production industries (as part of our audio post services) as well as public, legal and forensic requests. Sound recordings affected by wind noise, microphone bumps, noisy environments etc. can nowadays, in most cases be restored with the noise elments mostly or completely removed. 

Upon inspection of supplied bad quality, noisy and or degraded sound recordings, we can supply a short demo of restored audio for evaluation purposes. All audio sources are digitized and the source audio remains intact and un-processed for authentication and archive purposes.


Your assets and media are extremely valuable and we take every precaution to protect your DATA from biometrically controlled access to premises and  in-house controlled access to servers etc. MADHAUS utilises broadcast industry specific data service providers to provide ultra-high-speed data transfer facilities through industry approved security transfer protocols with servers located and managed by MADHOUSE onsite. We are able to scale our connection speeds dynamically which allows us to dramatically improve our post production workflows and the feasibility of multi-facility, multi-time zone projects.

All our data is securely archived both on-site (for a period of time) and on our cloud servers. We do not store completed sound and/or final picure on any unprotected or connected servers. Transcoded files and approval formats are encrypted and distributed to clients for individual password protected download. 

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